Anjali Mahavdev At Solang Valley & Jogni Waterfall

jogni water fallThroughout the week it was quite sunny. There is a decrease in tourist visiting to Manali. Surely due to freezing temperatures. Temperature during nights is below zero hence we can see frozen ice on the roads where the water is collected. Due to delay in snow fall this year. The people of the valley are facing extreme cold conditions. Not only the locals but tourists are also praying to see their first snow fall of 2013. There are chances of snow during Lohri and Makarsakranti  as there is a weather report given by the local administration, also various internet weather sites also show chance’s of snow fall and rain during the coming week.

Visit Himalaya this week had clients from ACC CEMENT FACTORY EXECUTIVE’S. They did fully enjoy and promised to return back to Manali. They specially had come here to see snow, but were little disappointed, when they saw that snow in Manali has already melted. But we took them to Solang Valley and Anjani Mahadev where they encountred fresh snow                 . Solang valley is at a height of 7000 Feets. Approx. which is 1000 Feets above than Manali and is 16 kms away from town .Especially Anjani Mahadev was fully covered with snow. Anjani Mahadev is 2km from solang valley . You can even take horses from there. But we chose to trek. As it is more adventurous. We were very tired but didn’t feel it as the beauty at the spot was so mesmerizing, that are clients couldn’t resist from saying that “if people are searching for heaven it’s here in Manali” . At Anjani Mahadev  there is a Shiva Ling of snow with height of at least 40fts. You have to stop 300 mtrs. Back and remove yours shoes and go barefooted walking on the snow till the shiva ling. Our clients did fully enjoy and spent lot of time. It was getting very cold but we didn’t wish to return back. The sun was about to go behind the mountains. As did our day got over.

The second day was too a great day. Today we went to JOGNI WATER FALL. A beautiful waterfall located in Vashisht. We started from vashisht where we had our natural Hot Spring Bath with our clients. All of them were amazed to witness that in such a cold place people are blessed with hot springs. People of the village use the hot spring water to bath, clean clothes and utensils. Even it is used for cooking food. After our bath we had to move for our trek. The trek is fulfilled with everything great views,jungle walk, streams , meditation places and little bit of wildlife too. There are two waterfalls on the way. The first one is little dangerous as the path is narrow and below you there is a deep gorge. But after reaching the fall, the silence of the place the gush and shower of water will make you feel heavenly. After an hour we started walking too Jogni . Again you have to climb a mountain. . We took a three halts in between and reached the fall. Our clients now didn’t had any words to explain the beauty. Rapid flow of water. The fall and wind hitting your face and snow around just added the beauty of the fall. Nobody wanted to leave the places. But we had too just before we left JOGNI SHOWED ITS another color we saw a huge rainbow. We have captured the beauty in our cameras.

Our clients were full satisfied. One of them had already visited Manali before. He said that he came here two years back “ par bekar cheez dekh kar chala gaya” . But this time the experience that Visit Himalaya has given is surely incredible. I will surely come back here again.