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Tips during the travel

  • Himachal has an enormous range of weather conditions. Most areas of Bilaspur, Una, Solang ,Sirmaur, Hamirpur and Kangra are lagegly warm to hot in summer and mild to pleasant in winter. The district of Chamba, Kinnaur,Kullu, Shimla and Lahaul-Spiti are mild to pleasant in summer and cold in winter. Do Check The clothing and other equipments you may require for the region you are visiting.
  • Carry your camera, any original ID proof, debit card etc.
  • Avoid buying water in disposable bottles. If you must, please do not throw it away; dispose it in a dust bin. Preferably, carry your own water bottles and refill it from a safe source whenever required.
  • Rohtang Pass is closed till 16th May, hence your snow point is in Gulaba,14 Mod, Rahla Fall or Marhi.
  • Carry Packed Breakfast for Snow Point.
  • Please use dustbins for non-biodegradable things. Help us to keep Himachal beautiful and enjoyable year after year. Do remember to take your litter back to the hotel or drop it into the conveniently placed dustbins. Don’t leave it lying around.
  • It’s prohibited to smoke in the Mall Road and any other public places.
  • To buy shawls in Manali prefer shops under taken by Himachal govt.
  • Please do not scribble on monuments, trees, rock, mountain or anywhere.
  • Any inconvenience during the stay please contact Mr. Bakht Singh (+91-94936- 83129) or Mr. Sanjeev Thakur (+91-98821-83129)or Mr Aditya (+91-78329-99055).
  • Only go with Expert Pilot for Paragliding and Rafting.
  •  Respect the Local Culture.
  •  Maintain Silence: One of our prime attractions is the quiet of mountains that invite you to linger. Please avoid playing loud music.


  • Himachal is peaceful and hospitable state. The people are friendly and helpful. Nevertheless, visitors are advised not to take unnecessary risk that may lead them to danger or allow/provoke anybody else to harm them in any way.
  • Change your money only at authorized foreign exchange outlets/Banks/Hotels. Insist for receipt of money damaged.
  • Keep identity card/passport handy while travelling.
  • Some Building and monuments require permission for photography and filming. Contact the nearest Tourism Office or the concerned District Administration for guidance or assistance.
  • Keep your Valuable in hotel lockers/safe deposit vaults wherever available.
  • For medical assistance contact Government hospitals and dispensaries or accredited nursing homes/clinics/hospitals or call 108 free 24/7 ambulance service
  • Ensure your vehicle is securely locked before you leave it. Don’t leave cash or jewelry in your vehicle.
  • Do not encourage beggars.

Personal Safety

  • While Visiting interior places, please enquire about local authority contact.
  • Do not stand at the edge of a cliff or on any bolder near a river bank for photographs etc. The water current in the rivers of Himachal Pradesh is very strong and highly deceptive.
  • Do not mix drink with Driving.
  • Put on your seat-belts while driving.
  • Hill driving is not as easy as it looks. Always keep to the left to avoid collision with on coming vehicles.
  • Avoid overtaking vehicles on bends. Reduce speeds at bends and corners.
  • Do not eat anything offered by unidentified persons on trains or during road travel. It may contain sedatives or intoxicating substances.
  • In case of exploitation please call the Child line 1098, Women Help Line-1091 and or contact relevant authorities like the police or Executive Manager.
  • There is good coverage of communication network in Himachal. Please keep important number of tourist information offices/ Police station with you.

a)    Police Station: 100 b)    Ambulance : 108

  • Please follow the timing strictly to complete your tour successfully. Also note that there is parking problem, Hence do co-operate with the instructor.


  • Contact or write to:  DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM & CIVIL AVAIATION, Block No. 28,SDA Complex, Kasumpti, Shimla-9,  Tel: 0177-2625864,2623959,292594 Fax: 0177- 2625456, E-mail:

Last but not least…………….enjoy yourself with responsibility Leave Nothing But Footprints…………..