Social Services

We have raised our voice for the:

“Evil of Noise Pollution from the loudspeaker used by the Hotelier,littering and traffic hazardous by parking buses and other vehicle’s along the road”.

Loudspeaker are used indiscriminately and regularly by the hotels. The loud blare starts in the evening around 7pm and goes till 10 pm and even further sometimes. This loud noise causes a lot of disturbance and irritation to the public. Of all other,small kids,babies and students are the worst sufferers. Student find it difficult to concentrate on their studies with so much noise around and the poor little babies are unable to sleep. The loud noise doesn’t give the sick people a moment’s rest. For the common man too,this noise of loudspeaker is unbearable. In fact the pollution due to noise is as harmful as the pollution of air and water.

The excuse that the hotelier are giving is that you have got the permission to do so. This ridiculous to hear, because according to the permission the noise that your loudspeaker can produce is only 10 decibel that too in a closed room like an auditorium and a conference hall. But the noise your loudspeaker produce is above 10 decibel and that too in open atmosphere. The permission can’t grant you to disturb the peace of others. So please use your loudspeaker in closed premises like hall or a auditorium which doesn’t throw the noise outside.

So it is our humble request that please follow strictly the rules and regulation of the permission to use your loudspeaker. Unless it is not done we have to approach further and the consequences can be very harsh.

We also wish to bring into your notice that your vehicle’s are ┬ábeing parked in the Road side which causes traffic and is a reason of trouble for the public and please use dustbins to through your wastes. We observe that many of your vehicles that are parked along the road,through their wastes in the middle of the road which causes dirtiness and is spoiling the beauty of our village.