Local Sight Seeing in Manali

Local Sight Seeing in Manali


Hidamba Temple

In The Mahabharata it is mentioned that Hidamba is the wife of Bhim, the strongest of five Pandava brothers. Bhima fell in love with Hadimba, a sister of demon Tandi. Bhima Killed Tandi in combat and married Hadimba, who today worshiped as the incarnation of Kali. This temple was built by Maharaja Bahadur Singh in the year 1553 in the worship of Hidamba Devi. The area surrounding the temple gives a festive look always as tourist dressed up in traditional colorful dress available at price for photography. This wooden temple is beautifully designed in a Pagoda style. There are many wooden carving works in the walls and main entrance door of the temple. There will be long Queue for the darshan in peak tourist seasons like summer.

Importance of Hidamba Temple

Almost hidden by giant deodars on the outskirts of the village Dhungri stands this wooden temple deidicated to Goddess Hidimba. An inscription engraved on a wooden panel at the side of the entrance records that the temple was caused to be built by Raja Bahadur Singh in a year corresponding to AD 1553. The sanctum is covered with a three tiered rood constructed of narrow wooden planks, one over the other. The three lower ones are in the usual form projecting canopies, showing traces of the wooden fringes here and there. A large metal umbrella surmounted by a metal finial forming the fourth roof crowns the summit of the temple. On the three sides the temple is enclosed by a narrow verandah which is raised to a height of about 12 feet above the ground. The Façade and windows on each side of it are richly carved and present a handsome balcony. The Quadruple wooden doorframe is ornamented with carvings of various deities and decorative devices such as knot, scrolls,plait-works, animal figures,pot and foliage etc. Mahisasurmardini and a devotee with folded hands and Siva with Parvati on Nandi are shown on the right side at the base whereas Durga, a devotee with folded hands, Vishnu with Lakshmi on Garuda are shown on the left side. The figures of Ganesha is in the centre of the lintel.On the beam above the lintel appears navagraha panels. The Uppermost part is decorated with motif of Buddhist characters in view of its historical and architectural importance the temple was decalred as a monument of national importance.



Tibetan Monastery

Manali has several colorful monasteries that represent the rich culture and history of the Tibetan people settled in Kullu and Manali. There are two main monasteries in Manali that draw a large number of tourists-the Gadhan Thekchoking Gompa and the Himalayan Nyingamapa Gompa. These monasteries are surrounded by several small shops selling beautiful handicrafts and carpets, made by Tibetan people living nearby these monasteries. The Tibetan Monasteries also run a Thanks School of Arts and a Carpet-weaving Center to preserve ancient Tibetan art. The paintings inside these buildings depict events from Lord Buddha’s life and the Kalchakra, i.e., the wheel of life fixed on the wall of the monastery shows the human life cycle. The Buddhists believe that rotating these wheelsgives you salvation.




At a distance of 3 KM from Manali Vashisht is located. There is a pair of temples stands opposite to each other. One temple is dedicated to Lord Ram and the other one is to Sage Vashishta, the pattern saint and Lord Ram. Once upon a time this was a meditation place for Vashishta Maharshi. When Laxman came to take the help of Vashishta muni for Ashwa megha yaga, to warm up the cold place, he fired an arrow to the ground from where hot water spring gushed out. Till now there is a belief that the water here is having medicinal values.

Importance of Ram Mandir in Vashisht

After 14 years of long vanvas when Shri Ram came back to Ayodhya he was guilty of killing a Brahmin (Ravan). So he had to confiscate this sin. So he wished to perform Ashavmedh Yagya. But Guru Vashisht was at this place busy in his tapsaya.

Shree Ram spoke with other Rishi’s for whereabout of Guru Vashisht, hence after this conversation he ordered Laxman Ji to find Guru Vashisht at the place suggested by the Rishi’s. Laxman Ji did find him here.

It was the time of winter. Thus for the convenience of Guru Vashisht, Laxman Ji bow an arrow, and hot water gushed out. But Guru Vashisht was a Tapsavi hence he didn’t needed the warm water. Guru Vashisht saw Laxman Ji that he was exhausted hence he told him to get bathe and gave a vardan that any traveler who will bath here will get relief from his tiredness and even people suffering from skin diseases will get cured.

Every God and Goddess of Kullu Valley till today come with their Raths for bath at this place which is a proof about the purity of the water.



Manu Maharishi Temple

This temple is dedicated to Manu rishi who is considered as the law provider. This temple is 2Kms from Manali. The temple is now renovated with wooden carvings.

Maha Rishi Manu Ji Maharaj

According to the ancient Mahabhagvat Puran, during the instance of cataclysm, world was jam-packed by water all around. Raj Rishi Satyavrat with the help of Vasuki Nag tied himself and the other seven rishi to the incarnated face (fish) of God, who carried them to the Himalaya where the water level was less.

Legend has it that sage Manu stepped off his ark in Manali to recreate human life after a great flood had deluged the world.It is also assumed that human race came into existence from Manu.

Once upon a time a sage came to Manuallaya (now Old Manali) and asked a lady for milk. But she was unable to provide him milk as the cows were taken to meadow for grazing. Then the sage told the lady to milk her calf, astonishingly the baby calf started giving milk. The sage instantly turned the milk into curd, the lady was shocked, and on her request, the sage told his name as Manu. He ordered the lady to burrow the place where the cattle’s were kept, as they started digging many statue of Manu Rishi came out from the place, at the same place now the temple is built.



Club House

No one needs to visit a club at Manali but the river side club has some unique attraction. You can do river rafting and spend some time by the side of the river enjoying different sports and games. This is managed by Himachal Tourism. This place is nearly 1.5Kms from Manali. A branch of Beas River called manalsu flows nearer to the complex. There is a shopping complex (for woolen and other clothing material) just beside the club house and also managed by Himachal Tourism. We found the quality of the items excellent and at times discount prices are available for many items which are genuine.