In yet another episode of tussle between the government and villagers of Manali, the government is planning to construct a ropeway between Palchan to Rohtang  and on the other hand it’s say’s that the government shall appeal for the decision taken by the HC, as it is a matter of livelihood of many people in the valley. Which was also promised by the Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh during the Mandi by-election, but no concrete steps had been taken so far. Has the government become so dumb and foolish that if they construct a Ropeway between Palchan to  Rohtang won’t it affect the livelihood of many?. The worst affected will be the taxi operator who ply on this road to Rohtang .

The opposition has already started revolting against the construction of ropeway. Lashing out at the Congress, Kullu BJP president Govind Thakur said that, if the government desires to construct a ropeway they should construct to places which are yet to be explored.  He also suggested that Palchan to Brighu could be a better option. As it will create employment.                   

Manali villagers are facing tough times this year. As the order of HC are so stringent that it has almost created a frustration and agitation among people. Already the unauthorized shops between Kothi to Rohtang have been removed. Snow Scooters and All terrain Vehicle (ATV) have been banned. Taxi older than four years have been banned to ply between Kothi to Rohtang. Plastic packaging is banned and shall be effective from 1st September 2013.  Now the ropeway episode is creating buzz and pinching the localities, there is lot of anger among people. Soon we may see a volcanic eruption against the Government.  

Rohtang Tunnel

The 8.8 horseshoe shaped tunnel which would connect the tribal area of Lahaul- Spiti and shall ensure connectivity throughout the year, has got delayed by one year, the tunnel which was expected to complete in 2015 shall now be completed in 2016

Chief engineer of Rohtang tunnel project, S P Sharma, while attending a meeting with Himachal Pradesh chief minister Virbhadra Singh and Union surface transport minister Oscar Fernandes in Shimla said work was delayed due to hard rock strata, seepage of water and falling debris. He said the project may not be completed as proposed, but all efforts would be made to provide connectivity by 2016.

 Currently Lahaul-Spiti is connected by Rohtang Pass. But in the winter due to heavy snow on the pass. The tribal area is cut off from the world for six months, which starts from November and ends in May.

The tunnel not only ensures connectivity throughout the year, but also will decrease the distance and time between Manali and Lahaul-Spiti . The main headquarter of Lahaul-Spiti,Keylong which is 85 kms from Manali the distance shall be decreased by 60kms. The time taken now is around 5 hours to keylong, without taking into account the long hours of traffic jams on the arduous route. The same distance would be covered in less than half-an-hour through the tunnel.