Company Policies

If you cancel the reservation:

  • More than 20 days preceding your check-in date: You pay 10% on invoice amount.
  • 20 days to 7 days preceding your check-in date: You pay 50% on Invoice amount.
  • 7 days preceding or No Show: No Refund.

If you cancel an Adventure Activity:

  • He/She is liable to pay booking amount of INR 1000. Which Is Non-Refundable.
  • He/She is liable to pay 50% of the billed amount In case of cancellation done on the Booked Day.

If you cancel or amend a Day Itinerary:

  • He/She is liable to pay INR 1000,For Cancellation within 30 mins or less of the booking time.
  • He/She is liable to pay 50% of the amount agreed,if cancellation is after 3 Hours of the booking time,valid till 20:00 Hrs.
  • He/She is liable to pay the entire amount for cancellations done after 20:00 Hrs or the Date of journey .
  • In case you shorten the Itinerary. You are liable to pay the amount as discussed/agreed for the scheduled Itinerary.
  •  He/She is liable to pay as per the Himachal Taxi Union rates.In case you add sightseeing point in your day Itinerary.
  • Cab booked for Full Day are for 09:00 Hrs – 17:00 Hrs.


Cancel by sending us an e-mail to vh002india@gmail.com with the word “CANCEL” in the subject line and quoting your ‘Reservation Dates’. Otherwise, no cancellation will be entertained. Failure to do so will result in you being subject to the conditions described above so it’s imperative that you let us know as early as possible. “WE DO NOT ACCEPT CANCELLATIONS OVER PHONE”


Be sure to make your reservation for the full duration of your stay. If you do need to extend your booking after arrival, you will need to contact our reservation office. We will not offer any discount prices.


You will be charge for the nights you cancelled.


In case you do not utilize your reservation and fail to contact us to cancel it in a stipulated time period as specified above. We would not be in a position to return you any amount pertaining to your booking. The reason for this is that the room in the hotel is booked in your name and the hotel cannot let the room be occupied by anyone else. The room held unoccupied, until they are notified otherwise. Thus,even if you do not show up, the hotel will charge room reservation charges from you.


  • In case on any increase in cost of Hotel Tariff,Govt Tax,Taxi Fare,Fuel etc. We are bound to augment the same.
  • In case of bad weather. We have all rights not to move around. You will be bound to stay in the hotel. We shall not be hold responsible. We will try to merge the scheduled itinerary to another day ,if time permits.
  • In case a strike broke out: we are bound to follow the event. We shall not be hold responsible, if we are not able to provide you are services. We will try to provide you alternative, but in case we fail, we shall not to be hold responsible.
  • In case the guest cancels the “Package Tour”

(a) He/She is liable to pay the fare as per the sightseeing rates given for the particular sightseeing by the Himachal Taxi Union Manali.